Dodstech’s crowning achievement when it comes to E-commerce solutions. E-Mall is designed with the simple but widening purpose of increasing your cyber mall space in the local market scope. In the current market it is becoming an increasing requirement for many full scale malls to evolve beyond physical outlets and this is exactly where the principles of digital marketing step in. Your market changes on a day to day basis so it is only important to know what kind of a base are you marketing to.

Dodstech’s E-mall is designed perfectly with the idea of incorporating the local market to international brands so that they too can get an active competitive feel off the amazon. Additionally it also means you get to explore new markets , capitalize on trending niches and have a thorough grounding in the knowing of your own market.

The E-Mall works with a fully customizable and an easy learn to operate usage that comes with it. The customizable backend creates an easy resource for clients to use for their retail brands. So the operation now gives you the easy access which means that you can edit your sotres and the way they work on your convenience and need.

For the Merchants the store carries enough marketing as well as transaction ease processes to further optimize the entire Mall experience. For the customers our front end brings ease to your doorstep without you having to worry about any actual technicality.

The E-Mall is your rules, your market and your products all at the ready to market,furnish and sell as per your liking.

Content Writing

There may be varied on-line content writing services in the global market but most of them are quite sub-substandard; of terribly mediocre level.

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Mobile Apps

Android and iOS applications with their have become the most burning need of business enterprises to market themselves to the tech-savvy users out there.

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Our visible results and proven track record makes us the sure partner for their Search Engine Optimization services.

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Website Designing

Dodstech contain a long range of satisfied clientele from all around the globe. We design variety of custom web design and software.

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Logo Designing

It is simple and fortunate that if you are in business, you need a logo. Your logo is the very first impression of your company.

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Domain Hosting

Dodstech now brings its revamped hosting and domain packages at new and improved economy rates with better quality catering to your web space requirements.

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Have a store? Want to increase your sales? Want to sell your products online? If yes! Then Dodstech is the where you can get big custom made e commerce website at competitive prices.

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Live Chat

You are here because you want to turn your website into a profit that returns a huge number of visitors that are interested in your products of services,…

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Video Presentation

Video illustrations have become all the rage in business communities nowadays making them one of the most sought after mediums of pitching ideas and presentations in the enterprise world.

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