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LIve Chat

How will Live Chat profit on-line?

Live Chat could be a technology that allows web site guests to start out an immediate Message Text Chat with a live chat agent throughout his/her business’ web site.

How am I able to begin live chat?

You need to contact our sales team so we can collect some basic data concerning your business and your goals. Once you’ve got that works for you we are going to offer you with a script code that you simply will have to add to your web site pages.

Who can develop live chat app?

We will develop custom responses for your business based mostly upon business concern and your goals and begin observation for incoming chats. If a conversation pertains a lead, we are going to send that to you in real time by email or text message.

How can the leads be sent to the business?

Whenever our agent succeeds in getting the contact data of the website visitor, we are going to send the result once the chat is finished.

How can Livechatsupport.biz answers specific questions about my business?

We will develop a custom script that may be employed by our agents to conduct chats on your behalf.

Why should I believe the script created by Livechatsupport.biz will work for my website?

We have processed a huge number of chats on behalf of thousands of companies of various sorts. We’ve got deep insights into what works and what doesn’t.

Can I handle my very own chats through the Livechatsupport.biz platform?

You can handle your own chats and have our agents decide take care of your chats only if you’re unable to.

What if I appoint Agents however they’re reaching to receive the chats?

If your agent is logged into the dashboard then incoming chats can move to them 1st.

What happens if my Agents don’t seem to be ready to decide to take the chats?

If your agent is unable to select the chat within the 1st ten seconds then it’ll be routed and processed by our chat agent.

In case my Agents don’t seem to be logged in, what’s going to happen then?

If your agent isn’t logged in then chats are going to be routed on to our chat center.

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