Dodstech.com is by far the fastest and best priced website development team out there. The quality is second to none. I gave them a project that I thought was impossible, and they gave me a product beyond all expectations. www.mykitchenvault.com is a work of art. I asked for a simple look that would give my demographics a safe feel. They gave me a simple front end with a complex high-end content management system that gives me, the admin, full control over my site. I have to say it again, this is a work of art. Call or email if you want to talk about their work.

I had no idea about website development before talking to dodstech. They walked me through each step. Now I feel like I know how websites are built. It’s hard work, and their team did a great job.


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Many times when you ask clients about your services, they don't know what to say. A great way to get a customer involved in an effective sales conversion that is geared toward your USPs is by providing live chat support at your website.
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Suzanne Bossier
When starting a new business or providing a new service, communicating with customers or clients is beneficial in improving your standing with your potential customer base. As we added live chat app to our website we made our services more clearly to our customers and prospects.
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Darren Dison
I had a lot of issues concerning our website visitors that were visiting our website but we were not able to convert them to a perfect sale, but with live chat we had a great success.
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Micheal Robey
Dodstech has done exceptional work for me in regards to branding my presence online through Facebook Banners on my Fan Pages and Profile, They have assisted also in the development of backgrounds for my Twitter,YouTube, and given me a Free Banner for my blog header. They will work diligently to get the work done to your satisfaction. They Work long hours to assure you are completely happy with the results you were looking for in regards to your branding yourself and your presence online as a marketing professional. They believe in customer satisfaction and will contact you and make changes to your request until it is a masterpiece. I recommend there services and the price is right for the amount of commitment they give to you as customers..
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Dodstech is an excellent company. The programmer that we got was extremely professional and efficient. They were more timely than me. The site came out great (psychicforlove.com),we really like their flash work and we are going to use them again in the future.
Ann M Carron
“My Experience with Dodstech has been outstanding. They are professional, responsive, and genuinely interested in seeing you satisfied with the project. The account managers and project managers really take the time to understand your wants and needs and they go the extra mile to make the project a success. I would highly recommend Dodstech without hesitation.We really like logos they made for us”
Great provider to work with. Did awesome job while working on complicated project. Very good communication. We will definitely like to carry on business with them again in the future ,I would highly recommend Dodstech without hesitation”
“Dodstech has done an outstanding job while developing our website VacationGuideCentral.com. Dodstech team have worked very closely with us on putting together this great site, the site was completed on a timely basis and exceeded my expectations. We look forward to work on more projects with Dodstech Pvt. Ltd”.
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Akhlas (Style Foundation)
When advertising my project on ELANCE I got about 10 quotations with Dodstech being among the most expensive and I wondered why. I started digging…. I checked their reputation and found out that all their customers are more than happy with the work done I also found out they’re ISO certified, giving me the guarantee that they are organized and customer oriented. Dodstech is not a money business. They go for the ultimate customer satisfaction and that is what you need.
David D. Hadden
“I really can't say enough good things about this company. This has been my best outsource experience to date of at least 10 companies in 5 countries. Dodstech has the staff, processes, talent and professional corporate culture to get your work done worry free. I plan on jettisoning most of my other outsources.”
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Alex Bruni